High School Student Resources: Social Studies

Social Studies is a general term used to describe a variety of subjects including geography, history, economics, and government. It is important for students of all levels to understand American history as well as global history and geography. Social studies utilizes a combination of statistical information and literature to create an interesting and complex subject. Civil related topics and human society are covered as well. Social studies is taught on all grade levels, however high school students typically delve deeper into the complex humanity related and economic aspects of the subject.

General Resources

  • NCSS – This is the home page for the National Council for the Social Studies.
  • High School Instructional Resources – Here are some examples of the curriculum usually taught on a high school level.
  • Lesson Plans – This page offers a wide variety of social studies lesson plans for high school students.
  • Resources for Teachers – Here is some helpful resource information for high school social studies teachers.
  • High School Social Studies – Lots of great general resources for high school social studies can be found here.
  • For High School Teachers – Check out what kind of curriculum high school teachers can cover on the subject of social studies.
  • Basics – Here are some good basic topics for grades 9-10 on the subject of global history and studies.


  • US Geological Survey – Mapping and more from the US Geological Survey.
  • Maps & Fact Finder – This site from the US Census allows you to click on areas of the country and see different demographics and more.
  • Map Maker – This interactive tool lets you make your own maps.
  • Geodata – Enter in just about any location you can think of, and this website will generate its corresponding map.
  • National Atlas – Here is the national atlas of the United States of America.
  • Geography – Some interesting information about global geography can be found here.
  • CIA World Factbook – Features maps, demographics, statistics, and much more for locations across the globe.
  • Virtual Globe – Use this website to explore the world around you using a virtual globe.
  • World Geography Reviews – Resources to teach students about maps and more are available on this page.

U.S. History

  • United States History – This comprehensive website offers plenty of information about important milestones and people in US history.
  • Timelines – Check out the various times on this timeline to get a sense of what was happening in American history.
  • Civil War to the Present – An in-depth site that features important events in US history from the Civil War onward.
  • Picturing US History – This interactive site is designed for students and features multimedia.
  • History Matters – This curriculum is designed for college and high school level students and teachers.
  • Historical US Maps – Use these historical maps to integrate both history and geography together.
  • American History Timeline – A simple yet informative timeline of the history of the United States.

U.S. Government

  • About Government – A website dedicated to teaching how Congress and US government works.
  • Roadmap to the Constitution – This webquest guides students through the United States Constitution.
  • Declaration of Independence – A great tool to help students learn about the various drafts of the Declaration of Independence.
  • The White House – Home page of the US White House.
  • Congress – Find out how you can contact your representative and learn what is happening with your government.
  • United States Senate – Your one stop website with information about the United States Senate.
  • Library of Congress – The US Library of Congress is a landmark and an important national treasure.

Global History

  • Global History & Geography Regents Prep – Use this helpful website to guide you through preparing for the regents section on global history.
  • Global History Guide – Check out this interactive website that takes you on a journey through global history.
  • Global Interactions Quiz – Test your knowledge with this global history multiple choice quiz.
  • World History – This is an awesome website that allows you to search and explore the history of the world.
  • History World – A fun and informative world history site with photos, timelines, quizzes and more.
  • Bridging World History – Use this website to learn about the events throughout history that have shaped our world.


  • The Economics Website – Learn all about economics with the help of this website.
  • Economics E-Journal – Stay up to date on economics and find out what’s new in the world of economy.
  • Basic Concepts – Check out these high school level course materials on basic economic concepts.
  • Lessons – Utilize these resources for some high school economics lessons.
  • The Economics Major – What every potential college student who is interested in economics needs to know.

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