Complete Collection of High School Science Resources

Science is a field of study that explores the world around us, from people and plants, to the earth and the atmosphere. For high school students, many different aspects of science will be studied throughout their final years before college. Some of the main branches of high school science include biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and other general science courses. Biology typically discusses the science of living things and takes a closer look at organisms, animals, and more. Chemistry is a bit more advanced and takes a look at elements, minerals, and how these things interact with each other. This subject almost always includes extensive lab work involving chemicals. Earth science takes a look at geology, meteorology, and climate just to name a few. Physics is a bit of a difficult subject, but it is essential to learning about how things move and work. All of these high school science topics are important to a well-rounded education, and understanding them can be beneficial for students no matter what their chosen college major will be later on.


The study of biology is essentially the study of life, from cellular formations all the way to the largest creatures. Most high school level biology courses require a supplemental lab class or course in addition to traditional classroom study. In the lab, students may perform dissections of different animals in order to better understand how various living things eat, live, survive, and reproduce. Biology explores microorganisms, enzymes, mammals, birds, plants, reptiles, and humans, among other living things. Many different topics can be discussed including evolution, diet of living things, reproduction, decomposition, genetics, and much more.


Chemistry is a branch of science that delves into minerals, metals, chemicals, and matter. Exploring how matter changes when combined or exposed to certain factors is the basis of the study of chemistry. Most high school students will attend a lab that will help them to better understand the various properties of different chemicals. The periodic table is essential to chemistry. There are many different sub-branches of chemistry such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, neurochemistry, and more. The study of chemistry also requires an understanding of formulas and mathematics.

Earth Science

Earth science takes a look at the world around us. It can cover many different aspects of the earth including rocks, minerals, volcanoes, oceanography, weather, the atmosphere, biospheres, different climates around the world, and much more. Essentially this topic discusses the earth and how it functions. Some may refer to it as geoscience or planetary science. Often, this subject can intermix other scientific branches such as biology and chemistry in order for students to get a more well-rounded understanding of the subject. It is rarer for students to participate in labs for this subject, although there may be a few lesson plans where a laboratory is needed.


Physics is often considered to be a more advanced scientific subject, and not all high school students will take this course. The study of physics involves the understanding of matter and its movement through both space and time. Some believe that physics is the study of nature in general and how it operates. A good understanding of mathematics is necessary to be successful in physics. Physics can be challenging, but it is also an important subject that can have a big impact on the world. Energy and force are the two main principles of physics. Understanding how these two principles are applied in the way matter behaves is essential to the topic. Often, things like quantum chemistry are combined with physics for more advanced levels.

General Life Science

General Physical Science

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