Resource Center for High School Physical Education Teachers and Others

Physical education focuses on fitness, healthy foods and ways to protect one’s health both now and in the future. As quality physical education becomes less and less common in public schools, many researchers have found that the health of America’s children is at risk. With quality education and physical activities, the rate of childhood obesity has been found to greatly diminish. The following resources will provide teachers will information and ideas for improving their school’s physical education program.


  • Physical Education in Schools Statistical information on the importance of physical education in school, including information on funding of this type of education.
  • Benefits Information on the benefits of physical education in schools, including how it can potentially decrease the rate of childhood health issues and medical problems later in adulthood.
  • Participation An article detailing how participation in physical education during high school can help students leady healthier, more productive lives.
  • American Physical Education An explanation of how regular physical education classes not only improve the overall health of students, but also their academic performance.
  • Quality and Quantity (PDF) A look at how quality physical education is as much or more important than the amount of time students spend in the gym.

Lesson Plans

  • Lesson Ideas A database of physical education lesson plans and activity ideas. Includes grade specific ideas, holiday activities and suggestions on managing a physical education class.
  • Elementary and Middle School Activity ideas by grade and information on teaching students about healthy habits and team sports.
  • Lesson Plans An abundance of physical education activities, including games, gymnastics, outdoor ideas, team sports and building physical skill.
  • PE and Health These lesson plans include activities to help build balance, locomotor skills and manipulative skills.
  • Fitness Lessons Lesson plans and activity ideas for grades 11 to 12.
  • Elementary Physical Education Over a dozen individual lessons broken down by grade level.
  • Health and PE Lesson plans for health education, physical education and ideas on how to combine both.
  • PBS Physical Education Lesson plans for high school students, including over 100 activity ideas, quizzes and information on physical health.
  • Physical Education Solutions Lesson plans for students including physical activities, oral instruction and game ideas.
  • Learn to Be Healthy A website dedicated to physical education; a free membership gives access to quality lesson plans activity ideas and teaching resources.

Assessment Ideas

  • My PE Score This assessment tool provides educators with a simple, easy and effective means of grading their students.
  • Criteria A detailed explanation, with graphs, of the different areas of physical education that require assessment and how to combine these aspects to provide an overall assessment of an individual student and a class.
  • Goals A list of goals, from kindergarten to fifth grade, on what students should learn from physical education classes and what they should be able to accomplish by the end of the class.
  • Physical Fitness Assessment A detailed fitness test used to assess a student’s progress and overall health.
  • Physical Fitness Test A list of activities that can be grouped into a standardized fitness test and used to asses a student’s progress.

Professional Information

  • National Association for Sports and Physical Education This organization provides invaluable resources to physical education teachers. It also does an enormous amount of advocacy work and can often aid in obtaining funding for physical education in schools.
  • Physical Education and Wellness This organization provides resources and tools to physical education teachers and conducts research on the benefits of PE as well as different types of curriculums.
  • Active and Healthy Lifestyles This newsletter, aimed at physical education teachers, provides information on current news and trends in physical education.
  • Association for Physical Education This organization for physical education teachers provides news, membership benefits and engages in advocacy work.
  • Kansas Association This physical education association provides news, resources and activity ideas for members.

Workshops & Conferences

  • California Physical Education Workshop This workshop has taken place once a year for over 60 years, and provides physical education teachers with classes and bonding activities.
  • Share the Wealth This conference for physical education teachers offers three days of sessions and an exhibit hall.
  • New York Conferences These two yearly conferences provide classes, meetings and activities for physical education teachers.
  • Pushing the Boundaries This physical education conference will focus on foundational fitness, geomotion, healthy highway, golf and freedom climber.
  • International Conference This conference is open to physical educators worldwide and will focus on journal papers and research regarding physical education.

Other Health & Fitness Resources

  • Healthy Eating Information on serving sizes for different food groups and interactive tools for healthy eating.
  • Healthy Restaurant Eating Information on how to eat healthy at restaurants, including fast food establishments.
  • Tips and Tricks Provides 10 tips on healthy eating and fitness, including how to incorporate healthy food into a daily diet and how to increase physical activity.
  • Exercise and Physical Activity Information on how regular exercise helps to improve health and guidelines on how much exercise a person needs per day.
  • Staying Active Information on staying active during the day and how more time exercising leads to better overall physical and mental health.
  • The Heart An explanation of how physical activity maintains and protects the human heart.
  • Stress and Exercise A description of how exercise can help to combat stress.
  • Best and Worst A list of the 10 best and worst foods.
  • Budget Health Foods A list of 10 different healthy foods that cost under a dollar.
  • Kids and Exercise The benefits of exercise for children.

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