High School Earth Science: Rocks and Rock Collections

There are rocks all around you – the canyons, mountains, and riverbeds, are all created from minerals. The earth’s crust is made of rocks and minerals with an inside core of molten rock and an outside crust covered by sand, water, soil, and ice. There are three main types of rocks which include igneous rock, sedimentary rock, and metamorphic rock. It’s important to study rocks as they suggest clues of the earth’s history. The breakdown of the rock layers show scientists how the land was formed and prior climate patterns in certain areas. To learn more about the various types of rocks and how they are formed, many people participate in rock collecting as a hobby. Below, you will learn about several aspects of rock creation and collecting.

Rock Creation

  • Discover How Rocks are Formed: Learn how rocks are formed by following the animations for the creation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.
  • Sedimentary Rock Formation: Here you will find images and information on how sedimentary rocks are created.
  • Metamorphic Rocks: Information on how metamorphic rocks are created and foliated and non-foliated rocks.
  • Igneous Rock Identification: Learn how igneous rocks are formed and how they are classified.
  • The Rock Cycle: Here you will find information on the rock cycle and how cooling and melting occurs to create the three main rock types from sediment.

Rock Identification

Rock  Puzzles, Quizzes and Other Activities

Rock Collections

Rock Collecting Safety

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