The High School and College Writing Guide

Writing well thought out, grammatically correct essays and research papers can seem daunting, especially in high school and college. Learning to write well can not only enable students to be successful in school, but also provide a good foundation for a career after school. These resources provide information on grammar, writing and researching. They also provide a list of online writing labs that can help high school and college students obtain assistance on individual papers.


  • Grammar and Writing Provides answers to common grammar questions, as well as quizzes and information regarding sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Guide to Grammar and Style A detailed resource on common grammatical mistakes, including information on how to avoid these issues and correct them.
  • Capitalization A guide on everything regarding capitalization, including information on titles, proper nouns and special cases.
  • Grammar Handbook A concise, informative guide on English grammar, ideal for both those just starting to study grammar and more seasoned writers.
  • Modern English Grammar Information on clauses, phrases, word structure, coordination and style.
  • Hyper Grammar An interactive guide to grammar, ideal for college students taking English composition classes or other classes where writing is required.
  • English Grammar 101 A PowerPoint presentation providing basic information on English grammar and geared towards early high school students and students just learning the English language.
  • Comparative / Superlative Instructions and examples on comparing two different things.
  • Common English Errors A detailed list of the most common errors made when using the English language.
  • The Chicago Manual on Grammar Detailed and useful information on everything concerning grammar, from basic to complex subjects, provided by one of the most well-known grammar style guides available.
  • Common Mistakes A list of common grammatical mistakes made by writers and explanations on how to avoid these errors.
  • Commonly Confused Words A list of the most commonly confused words and explanations on the differences between the words, including examples on how to use each.
  • Grammar / Usage / Style Provides 84 grammar tips and explanations, ideal for essay writing and research papers.
  • Commas All about this often misunderstood form of punctuation, including information on different styles of usage and how to use the comma in general.

Writing and Research

Online Writing Labs

  • Purdue Writing Lab Over 200 free writing resources for students and teachers.
  • Writers Guide Information on types of essays, how to write, proofreading and research.
  • West Florida Writing Lab Information on the writing lab and a hotline for grammar and research questions.
  • Utah Writing Lab Tutorials and resources for writing and research college essays and papers.
  • Improve Writing Lab Information on sentence structure, parts of speech and punctuation.
  • Handouts Details on grammar, writing, logic and organizing essay papers.
  • Doyle Online Writing Lab Writing and researching resources for students.
  • Live Chat A writing lab featuring live chat to aid students in writing essays and research papers.
  • Writing Assistance This lab allows students to submit papers for suggestions and assistance.
  • Learning to Write This writing lab provides articles and information on how to improve writing and access to textbooks on writing and researching.
  • Submissions Provides students with the opportunity to submit papers and receive suggestions and feedback.
  • Getting Started How to write compare and contrast essays.?

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