Earn Your High School Diploma Online

If you haven’t received either a traditional high school diploma or GED certification, West Madison Falls High School offers a free and fast program to achieve a real high school diploma online. Enroll for free and take the test at your own pace. Once you complete enrollment, you will receive a username and password that you can use to login and continue where you last left off. Our online testing program was created after the actual GED test, covering the essentials of Math, Reading Comprehension and English.

Your High School Diploma Parcel will include continuing verification. This service is to be used to verify to a potential employer that you have successfully passed our online testing program. Our guidance counselors can be contacted and with the permission of our graduate, confirm a passing score with verification. Due to the strict course guidelines and this verification services, most employers will accept this online high school diploma as an alternative to the GED.

In today’s competitive workplace, a higher education is needed to be considered for employment. The main purpose of this online diploma is to be used when applying for a standard job, although positions and acceptance can vary. This diploma can also be used to seek acceptance in the military or to be considered for a promotion. Our program is designed to be taken in a short period of time to receive your real high school diploma quickly. Based on your level of speed to complete the online test, you can receive our high school diploma in a week or even less!

Living pace has increased dramatically and time is limited more than ever due to busy schedules and obligations. West Madison Falls High School has thus created this website and course program specifically for those individual’s who have limited time and need a diploma fast. This testing course was designed for those who can’t obligate the time or resources to receive a traditional GED. Use your prior education and life experience for this high school diploma online program.

Depending on each individuals pace and time allocated to the test, most students can complete the course in hours or less. If you can’t dedicate enough time in one duration, use the private username and password to continue where last left off. Some students may need to split the online test into a few sittings while most can complete it in one duration. Get a real high school diploma online fast and receive your diploma Parcel in the mail in days after or less. This parcel will include the various transcripts and diploma copies as detailed in the high school diploma parcel section.

Our online school provides graduation verification services to all students who pass the high school diploma online test and receive the graduation parcel. Graduates can use this service throughout their lifetime and as many times as requested. These services enable the potential employer to speak directly with a guidance counselor at our school to confirm a particular individual received a passing score.

These verification services combined with the online course credentials ensure most employers will accept this diploma as an alternative to the GED and traditional high school diploma. The verification counselors are available during normal business hours and can be reached should a graduate grant permission for a potential employer to review course records or for other questions that pertain to verification.

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Quality High School Diploma
West Madison Falls High School Diplomas are made with the same high quality materials as a traditional high school diploma. The dimensions of the diploma are the standard 8.5 X 11 inches. Each diploma is printed, not copied, and includes the official school seal.

Quality Course Transcripts
You will receive a quality set of transcripts that will detail all courses taken and scores received. Each testing subject will have an independent score to show success in that particular category. These transcripts will also include the life and work experience that was submitted along with the test results. Highest quality paper is used for this set of transcripts which also features the official school seal.

Fax-Quality Course Transcripts
You can now order a fax copy of your high school transcripts that can be included with the high school diploma when seeking employment. These transcripts are an extra documentation of proof of course completion and display the details and overall passing percentage for each student.

Ongoing Employer Verification Services
After successfully completing the high school diploma online test, each student will receive Continuing verification assistance accompanied with the diploma parcel. Graduates are encouraged to use this service along with the diploma and transcripts to verify successful program completion to a potential employer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our online school offers a 14 day money back guarantee if an individual is not fully satisfied with the diploma parcel. Contact our guidance counselors who can assist in clarification of your concerns. They can also help process a refund, excluding return shipping, when the diploma parcel is confirmed to be returned.

Quality High School Experience
Each graduate who orders their high school diploma online parcel will receive the highest level of support and materials provided by our online high school. Our school now offers flexible payment plans for students who are interested in receiving their high school diploma according to their financial means. West Madison Falls High School offers ongoing counselor support for students and graduates through our administrative staff. Enroll today and be on your way to earning your online high school diploma quickly!

West Madison Falls High School, formerly Madison Falls High School, is under new advisement and now provides new course curriculum and graduation packages that reflect the new offering of two 100% online courses, interactive study guides and graduation documentation. The updated high school programs have been carefully designed and based after the most current and accepted high school education literature. For more information about our online high school diploma programs, please either contact an advisor from the toll-free phone number on our site or read Common Questions page.

West Madison Falls has created High School Diploma Online.net to offer the highest-quality 100% online study materials as well as a thorough review of the main subjects taught in traditional high schools. You receive free exam retakes, fast diploma and transcript shipping and a free study guide that assists you throughout the online course. Enroll today and receive free verification services - All for only $249!

Thanks to your online high school course, I was able to receive a new job that pays more as I now have a diploma!
Jenny - North Carolina

I used your reimbursement guarantee after I went on to receive my GED, you guys were fast and I have recommended your course to many people now!
Martin - Seattle, Washington

Your website and high school diploma course have been so encouraging! I just received my diploma and have already mounted it on the wall! Thanks West Madison Falls!
Jeremy - Washington DC

I just got the promotion I worked so hard for with your diploma! Thank you so much!
Jacinta - Los Angeles, California

Thank you West Madison Falls! Your high school diploma program helps me find a new career!
Sean - Houston, Texas

I just received my graduation package and it was shipped so fast! I love my new diploma and look forward to showing all my friends and family!
Oscar - Columbus, Ohio